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In 2008, Business Voice was formed initially as an advocate in the Melbourne area to advance effective, collaborative leaders and ensure the passage of key policies supporting local business. Building on past success, in 2015, members voted to expand Business Voice to impact the broader Space Coast region. With expanded membership and a refined campaign plan, Business Voice has positioned itself as a resource for voters across the Space Coast which can be trusted for insightful political information, endorsements, and commentary.


Business Voice provides value by engaging businesses from across Brevard County and the Central Florida Region to provide a cohesive voice in political advocacy at the state, regional and local levels. Business Voice is operated on a non-partisan basis to promote pro-business candidates and a pro-business legislative agenda.


Business Voice members recognize divisive partisan politics can distract voters, candidates, and elected officials. Results of each election cycle will have a lasting impact on our region. Business Voice is going to engage politically to:

- Communicate to voters and candidates the issues concerning area job creation.

- Actively support pro-business candidates in key races.

- Support or oppose legislation, policies, and ballot measures that will have a significant impact on the business environment.

There is a need for common sense leadership and a pragmatic approach to policy. Business Voice is an independent and non-partisan entity that:

- Will support pro-business candidates who recognize the impact that their elected office extends beyond their district to the larger region.

- Will support elected officials who are able to effectively govern to ensure that the local and state government help and not hinder our regional economy.

Business Voice members are committed to our regional economy's health and growth and ensuring the Space Coast remains a great place to live, work, and do business. We believe:

- Maintaining sustainable and reliable infrastructure is critical to regional prosperity.

- Tax policies must be competitive and sustainable for the health of our state and region.

- We must reduce burdensome regulations that inhibit a healthy local economy.

- Regulators should use science-based standards and find long-term solutions to protect Florida's natural and economic resources.

- Smart growth and development should incorporate the region’s long-term needs and require pro-business solutions for water, energy, agriculture, and infrastructure policy.

- Continuing to provide businesses with a well-trained talent pool that needs to begin with supporting local schools, providing quality education at both the K-12 level and higher education.


Business Voice was formed so businesses across the region can collaborate and increase their political influence.

Business Voice will help investors with engaged political advocacy:

- Build relationships with candidates and elected officials.

- Engage in campaign activities to support endorsed candidates.

- Communicate directly with voters the positions the business community.

Business Voice has grown into a county-wide resource focused on ensuring we have the best qualified and prepared pro-business candidates nominated and elected to public office in the state of Florida.

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